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Paintings inspired by the Middle East.

Stefanie Wierda works as a visual artist. She paint pictures inspired by the Middle East. Her work draws inspiration from people, architecture, plants, animals and patterns that are so unique and characteristic for Yemen where she spent her childhood.

Stefanie’s work is both figurative and abstract in form. Forms from Yemeni architecture are often reflected in her work. In the creation of the image she uses various techniques such as fine painting, stamping and applying transparent layers of paint.

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Exposition of new artwork:

From 20 Februari till 1 March 2020

Location: De Korte Vijverberg 2 in The Hague

For more information see  News

Painting in focus:

This  artwork ‘Dreamer’ received the public price on 2 march 2019 at the Art Congress West

Read more about the story behind the artwork Dreamer