Can I purchase a reproduction?

People have asked me if I also sell reproductions. The answer is: yes.

If the original artwork is outside your budget, you can also choose to buy a reproduction. There is a limited edition of each work of art (a maximum edition of 5 reproductions). These are provided by a professional art reproduction company. An image of the original artwork is printed on canvas.

The original colors are the same as the original artwork. With a matte surface and an authentic canvas structure, the reproduction comes very close to the original. The reproductions are of good quality and are guaranteed to keep the same color over time.
You can choose from one or more sizes depending on the size of the work.  Reproduction prices will depend on size and will range from approximately 550 to about 150 Euros.

The costs of the reproductions do not include shipping costs. The shipping costs are therefore billed separately.

For more information or questions about the costs of reproduction please contact me directly at:

* Please be aware that reproductions of artworks cannot be returned!