Today is the opening of the art exposition at the CAK in the Hague!

For more information (in Dutch) see:

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6 June 2019  Final Exam Art Exposition

On the sixth of June I graduated from Art School. It was a wonderful celebration and I was really happy to celebrate this time together with friends and family who spoiled me with lot’s of flowers and chocolates!

Public Prize March 11 2019

Monday March 11, 2019 I participated in the Art Congress with Perspective of the West region in the Netherlands. 30 Artists were invited to participate and were given a platform to exhibit work at Galerie Pulchri Studio in The Hague. The entries were judged by an art committee consisting of Marijke Geméssy (Pulchri Studio), Peter Jonkers (Business Art Service) and Sander du Floo (visual artist and winner of the 2014 Art Congress).

The artworks We are soldiers by Patrick Hamer and Tea wisdom by Xander Rijkee were selected as winning works by the jury. To my great joy, the public chose my work Dreamer as the third winner. Together with the other two winning artist, I can participate as a prize in the traveling exhibition. A selection of our work is exhibited at CAK in The Hague.

The Art Congress West pop-up exhibition

monday 11 march
from 13.15 tot 15.00 pm

Final Exam Exhibition Art School Haarlem Leiden

thursday 6 june until sunday 9 june 2019
Opening hours from 11.00-17.00 pm