Would you prefer to opt for a trial placement?

Does a painting really appeal to you and you are seriously considering to buy it?
But you are not a 100% sure that it will match the rest of your interior in your home?
Do you wonder if the colors will match with those of your home and if the size is right for the place on the wall that you have in mind?
Then if you are living in the Netherlands you can opt for a trial placement of the artwork.

If you want to arrange a trial placement then you can come to my home in Delfgauw to collect the painting and take it home with you.  In this way you can really take some time to find out if the painting is the right purchase, which will suite your home environment.   Within 14 days, you will have to decide on whether you will purchase the painting or not. In case you decide not to, you will need to return the painting to the artist in person.

How does a trial placement work?

When you come to collect a painting for a trial placement, I will need you to bring an ID so that I can register who is borrowing the painting. You will need to pay me 50% of the purchasing price as a refundable deposit for which you will receive a receipt.

If you have decided you want to purchase the painting I will keep the deposit as a down payment. I will send you an invoice for the remaining 50% of the purchasing price. When I have received the payment for the remaining amount the painting will be officially yours.

When you decide not to purchase the painting then you will receive your deposit after you have returned my painting without damaging it.

So if you are hesitant to purchase a painting then you may want to consider the trial placement!