Why I decided to become an artist

How does someone decide to become an artist?

Why did I decide to go for art? After my university studies I was active in political and humanitarian activism for 13 years and traveled to different corners of the world for development work. Over the years I increasingly missed a creative component in my predominantly administrative work. A strong desire to make a switch to art grew and in 2016 I decided to go for it.

Was this an unexpected choice?

It is not surprising that I made this choice. When I was still in high school, I considered going to art school or studying at university. I thought it was a difficult choice but I decided to study political science. I thought it would make more sense to switch to an art career than to pursue a university degree at a later stage in my life. I actually kept waiting for the right time.

Was it the right decision?

While starting an art career in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis may seem like a daunting task, I don’t regret this decision for a minute. What I find so special about art is that art is precisely about telling a story. Art is a language of thought and feelings, it is a form of direct expression and communication without numbers or words. It can take you to another world, and it can express the reason for the why, while also leaving room for the viewer’s interpretation.

Life as an artist creates space.

The creative and entrepreneurial process of being an artist helps me to create space for myself and to discover who I am and to pay more attention to what drives me deep inside. Art gives me the creative means to tell a story of my cross-cultural experiences and inspirations.




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